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Jewellery designer and brand director, Nancy lives her life with an unique artistic flair. Her passion for fine jewellery knows no bounds and she has transformed that passion and inspiration into her creations. Her distinctive designs which feature exquisite craftsmanship based and focused on the highest quality gemstones has gained her worldwide client recognition since she debuted her “Unique Jewelry Collection” in 2007.

In 2013 and 2014 Unique Jewelry’s designs were recognized at the Outstanding Greater China Design Awards and she was honored with one of the Ten Outstanding Designer Awards (United States of America) 2014. The brand was renamed “Unique Jewelry” in the same year.

She believes that the value of fine jewellery is not based on the quality of the gemstones alone, but also on how each individual wears the jewellery to demonstrate their own character. “Unique Jewelry” fine jewellery blended with modern classic and contemporary designs leads in haute couture jewellery fashion.

Unique Jewelry Fine Jewellery design has a classic motif with an inventive twist. The refined taste and originality of Unique Jewelry’s designs is highly desirable for both casual glamour and evening elegance.

Nancy Kekel, founder of Unique Jewelry Collection, is one of the most promising new designers in United States of America. Since 2006, Unique Jewelry's exquisite handmade designer jewellery collections have captured the attention of the most discerning collectors across United States of America, Mainland China, Taiwan , Southeast Asia, the USA and Europe. Each and every piece of Unique Jewelry's jewellery is a collectible work of art created using the finest natural gems and diamonds mounted in gold or platinum that are suitable for casual everyday glamour as well as exquisite evening elegance. The company's exclusive client portfolio includes an extensive array of private collectors, industry experts, celebrities and high profile socialites from around the world who seek highly desirable jewellery that is unique yet unpretentious.

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